Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Monkey & Robot as you have never seen them before!

I've had a lovely afternoon with the reception class at Luckwell primary school today. I introduced them to M&R, talked to them about the stages involved in creating a book, and then gave then a sneak preview of book number 3 'In the garden' which thankfully went down very well. In fact, one boy, when I had finished reading said very loudly "I really liked that"! What a perfect audience! Hurrah!
I then worked with small groups, creating our own seed drawings, inspired by the story. I sadly have no photos of the incredible, hairy seed that grew into a hairy spider plant, or the perfect tomato plant with 12 delicious looking toms on it, not to mention the giraffe egg! I do however have, above, a quick snap of the activity the other children got on with whilst the small groups were with me. I did a massive picture of Monkey and Robot (50cm W by 250cm H) for them to do mega team colouring in and LOOK AT THE RESULTS! Woo Hoo what psychedelic creatures they are!
Much fun was had by all...well certainly by me anyway!

Am looking forward to going to At-Bristol for 3 days at the start of August as resident Monkey & Robot expert! We'll be reading stories and making our own cardboard Robots- can't wait!
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  1. Wow! What a lucky class to have you and Monkey and Robot visit. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. And I know what it's like when something's going really well - there just isn't time to take photos of all the great stuff being created.
    Next time, you need your own personal photographer to capture the magic ;)