Thursday, 28 July 2011

let's make a cardboard robot!

Roll up! Roll up! Come and make a cardboard Robot.  I am going to be in residence at At-Bristol (superduper science centre) next week and I need some monkey & roboteers to join in the fun!
Monday 1st August, not only marks the release date of book number 3 (Monkey & Robot : In the garden, a suprising story of some special seeds) but will also be my first of 3 days days as resident Monkey & Robot creator! Hurrah!
I'll be leading 2 short story sessions each day, at 11:30am & at 2:30pm where you can meet M&R and I'll shall an adventure or 2. Then I shall also be getting glueing and gooey making totally recycled robots! With the help of the live science team, and loads of marvellous bits from the scrapstore, we invite you to have a go!
More info here

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