Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Robot Residency day 3- yet more robots!

Yup! There's more! It was a pretty hot day today, so actually we probably had less roboteers than the other days, but I think we can happily be sure that in the last 3 days we have made over 500 ROBOTS! WOOO HOOO! I feel like I am a robot ambassador!

Also excitingly we (me & Cardboard Robot) are on page 3 (check us out!) of the Evening Post, with a glorious photo of me gurning away!

See article below as well as a few more Robots!

At Bristol is continuing 'Make your own Robot' for another 4 days, so if you feel inspired, get down there! I sadly won't be there, so if you make any please do email me a photo!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Robot Residency day 2

Another inspiring day! I had lots of enthusiastic listeners for my 2 story sessions today, and many many Roboteers making there very own creations....Even more than yesterday, maybe 250!
Everyone's excitement has been infectious. I was also amazed by some very committed Robot fans - one family came today to join in the fun, after the newest member was born just 4 days ago! Thank you. Check out their Robot, it's the one in the bottom right hand corner.
More stories and more Robots tomorrow. More info here...
Look out for us in the Evening post tomorrow!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Robot Residency day 1

2 story sessions and a day of Robot Making in, my 'robot residency' at At-Bristol was off to an amazing start! We have estimated that, something like 150 robots were created today - WOW!
Check just a few of them out!

More Robots tomorrow...

'Cardboard Robot' Story sessions at 11:30am & 2:30pm
Make you own Robot workshops all day
All free with your ticket to At-Bristol
Monkey & Robot books for sale in the At-Bristol shop...

don't forget BOOK 3 'In the garden' is on sale now!