Monday, 18 March 2013

Bath Literature Festival & World book day

I was lucky enough to spend world book day in 2 different schools!
In the morning I was with Ubley Primary School, where I worked with a a KS1 class. We read In the Garden & then did a big shared drawing...some people did colouring in (I had drawn a big Monkey & Robot) and some designed bits of M&R's garden.
It was gorgeous to see the whole class all lying across a giant piece of paper all busy scribbling away!
It was here that someone asked me how old Robot was, I said I wasn't sure and why didn't they ask him, I said that sometimes Robot talks quite quietly so they would have to listen very carefully. This little girl, bounded off, picked up Robot and asked him & then held him to her ear, noded and came back to me smiling and informed me he was five!

Then after lunch en route, we arrived at St Martin's Garden School for  2 more sessions, this time with 60 KS2 and then 100 KS3, more of an assembly-story-presentation than a hands-on workshop. It was really nice reading the same story, but this time to older kids and seeing the different things they noticed or the different questions they had. This time I was asked if I got paid to draw pictures - ha! I know i can't believe it either, its the best job in the world!

Although we didn't do any drawing together. I have just been emailed by the school, saying that they have had a 'design your own robot' competition and here are the 4 winners! Brilliant!