Monday, 3 October 2011

Let's have a MONKEY & ROBOT party!

Believe it or not - on this incredibly hot, summery, and beautiful day - it's October 3rd, and today is the release date of book number 4 'SNOW' how very apt?!

We thought we'd celebrate - as suggested by a small person at the Bath Lit Fest and a very Large person on facebook - and have a party!


You can look as cool as us! Below are some mask templates and instructions - just choose which character you want to be - click on the picture and print it out (if it doesn't work for some reason- email me and I'll forward the artwork) then do a bit of marvellous colouring, cut eye holes, put some string/ elastic on you mask & wear. Then act appropriately (monkey-ishly or robotically)!
Take a photo to send me.

So if you are feeling a little sticky and hot maybe 'Snow: The Amazing Tale of an Incredible Snowball' will cool you down!
Buy it here....from BLOOMSBURY or AMAZON or pop to your local bookshop and ask them to get it in if they don't already stock it.